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The Era of the Gentleman (Part Two)

One can not choose a time or a place where a man makes the conscious decision to stop taking a woman's feelings and/or safety into consideration. I think that it starts with the way that the said man was raised. What kind of life did he lead? How did his parents treat him? How did his father treat his mother? How did his mother treat him? How did she conduct herself? There are so many things to take into consideration when trying to solve something so mysterious. Ultimately, I believe that it goes back to the way his father treated his mother and sisters. Typically, if a child witnesses the correct way to love, respect and cherish his mother and sisters, he will generally carry that knowledge on into adulthood. The opposite is also true. If a child, be it male or female, caries childhood experiences into adulthood.
*Johnny was three years old when he started to notice his mother crying after being locked away in the room with his father. This was something that he didn't understand but it made him sad whenever he saw his mother in tears. As the years went on, Johnny noticed that that his mother was crying more, his parents were no longer arguing in hushed tones. Johnny could hear them arguing about everything such as money, paying bills and accusations from his mother that his father was cheating. When Johnny was fifteen, he witnessed his father hit his mother and knock her to the floor. His father left his mother lying there, grabbed his car keys and left the house. Johnny helped his mother to her feet. He grabbed tissue from the bathroom to dry her eyes. Several times after that incident, Johnny asked his mother why she let his dad treat her that way. She'd told him that his father was going through something but he loved both of them very much. Johnny didn't know how mistreating a person could mean love. Over the next few years, Johnny witnesses more and more violent incidents. He tried stepping in several times, but each time, his mother and father ended up upset with him. His father would threatened to hit him. His mother would jump in the way and beg and plead with the man to not touch their baby. Johnny couldn't believe what was playing out before his eyes. Later, his mother would yell at him about provoking his father and claimed that Johnny was only causing more stress for his father. Johnny could understand why she was making up excuses for the beatings that she received from his father. After this, Johnny could barely look at his mother. He wandered why she would put aside her self respect and simply allow his father, a man he had no more love for, treat her like trash. Why she had allowed herself to become a punching bag was beyond Johnny. He wished that his parents would just sit down and talk about their problems instead of fighting all the time. When Johnny turned eighteen, he moved out of his parent's home. Two years later, he was in college and having problems with his girlfriend. They were sitting in his car and he found himself so angry at her words that he hit her. The both of them were shocked at his actions. His girlfriend left him after that. She'd said that she refused to be with a man that handled his problems with a fist. Johnny had two options: get help for his anger issues or continue down the same destructive path like his father before him. Johnny watched her wipe away her tears as she walked back to her dorm. He thought about his mother and how she had taken beatings from his father for more years than he cared to remember. Sure, Rachel had been good to him but at the end of the day, in his mind, b!t%*$ came a dime a dozen. If she couldn't handle the man that he was, then f%^k her.
I'm not saying that Johnny's experiences are typical. It's only an example. But if a child grows up in violence than he has only two choices. He could become a product of that violence or rise above it all. In the beginning, Johnny was confused about the relationship between his parents, after that, he wanted to protect his mother from the violence. In the end, because his mother let her child witness her constant sacrifice of her self-worth, her son went on to think of women as nothing more than a ship passing in the night, as they come and go.
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*Johnny is a fictional character and his life experiences are also fictional.

Friday, October 24, 2014

The Era of the Gentleman has Ended (Part One)

The Era of the Gentleman has officially ended and chivalry is dead. The men in today's society no longer value women as their predecessors did. It's a strange and hurtful thing to say but it's true. Here is a prime example: The Elusive Dating Site. A man generally joins a dating site for "friendship then maybe more". Women are more upfront about their reasons for joining the site and what they want. They take their time filling out the profile information and even completing the compatibility questions. I'm not saying that there aren't men that are just as meticulous but they aren't usually on dating sites. When the man and the woman come across each other's profile and decide to chat, they eventually exchange phone numbers. They may talk and text for a week or two then decide that they want to meet. Out of nowhere, the man will suggests that the woman should come to him. This is interesting because usually, during "courtship" a man is courting a woman, comes to her home and meets her relatives then awaits approval from the family. I understand that times have changed but men have made a complete 360. Back to the example... the woman asks the man why he can't come to her and he gives her a long list of excuses. The woman then decides that he's not someone that she wants in her life. She heads back to the site only to experience the same situation over and over again. She comes across one man that is willing to come to her or at least meet her, but he confronts her, asking if they have dinner and see a movie, if he has to pay for everything. The woman is shocked and decides to leave this particular dating site. After joining another dating site, she finds that the men there are no different. She decides that online dating isn't for her.
Example Two: The same woman decides to frequent places that she knows that single men frequent (grocery stories, laundromats, libraries, sporting events and parties). She meets a man at the laundromat and they hit it off. After a few weeks, things are going well. Suddenly, the man starts asking her for money, gifts and help on his bills. She decides to help him because thinks that this is only a one-time thing. Before she knows it, he's given up him home and moved in with her. She's essentially working to take care of him. How could men have changed so much in such a short period of time? What would cause a man to give up his manhood and let a woman take the reigns? There are so many questions... follow my new series, The Era of the Gentleman, for answers!
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Spanish Releases!!!!! (Estrenos españoles!!!!!)

For those of you whom are familiar with my writing, from time to time, I will release Spanish versions of some my best selling English-language e-books! I have decided to release Erotica: The Collection and Erotica: Boiling Point for my Spanish-Speaking readers.

Para aquellos de ustedes quienes están familiarizados con mi forma de escribir , de vez en cuando , voy a lanzar versiones en español de algunos de mis mejores ventas de Inglés - idioma e-books ! He decidido liberar Erotica : La Colección y Erotica : Punto de ebullición para mis lectores de habla hispana .

Erotica es una colección de cinco relatos eróticos, que incluyen los deseos explícitos, uno para el equipo, Hook, Line y hundirlo, Su Picasso y Bang Game. Hay algo para todos aquí en esta colección única que está garantizado para mantenerte despierto durante la noche. Si usted está en tríos, niñas conseguirlo encendido o chicos jugando duro, o acción asiento trasero, que sin duda querrá recoger esto un arriba. Disfrute! (Todos los caracteres son mayores de 18 años.) Versión actualizada incluye bono cuento erótico, O para el orgasmo!

Compra este libro
Precio: $ 3.99

Kate está cerrando las puertas de su restaurante una vez popular. un lugar donde Leo vino a comer y amarla desde lejos. Cuando se entera de que ella puede estar dejando para siempre, de repente empujó a revelar sus verdaderos sentimientos. El jefe de William Chad, sabe que el hombre tiene sentimientos por él, pero él tiene que encontrar la manera correcta de conseguir que admitirlo. Una noche en la oficina tiene William deseo de más de lo que jamás ha tenido el descaro de pedir. Crystal solía disfrutar de venir a Datos de pelo del salón, que era hasta que el nuevo propietario, Alegría, comenzó su empuje hasta el final de la línea. Crystal se queda dormido en su silla en el salón y se despierta para encontrar la alegría le ha colocado en una situación delicada. Sarah cree que el nuevo maestro de su hijo, Eduardo Casco, ha salido de su manera de hacer que su hijo miserable. Cuando se envía una carta a casa solicitando una conferencia, Sarah salta a la oportunidad de poner al hombre en su lugar. ¿Quién dice que una noche tiene que ser el fin? Este es el erotismo con un corazón. (Todos los personajes son mayores de 18 años.)

Compra este libro
Precio: $ 3.99

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Children's Book New On Paperback!

I am happy to inform you all that my two original series are on paperback right now. The Adventures of Betty Bumble Worm and Timothy Turtle Mysteries are both packed with beautiful pictures and fun-filled adventures!
The book contains six original Timothy Turtle Adventures as well as one holiday tale. Timothy Turtle has a knack for solving crimes and mysteries. He works at the Mystery Mode , where all of the inhabitants in the Amphibian Wood come searching for his help. No mystery is too big or too small. Timothy is always willing to lend a hand.
What you'll find in this collection:
#1 Timothy Turtle in the Case of the Mysterious Shadow
#2 Timothy Turtle in the Case of the Missing Necklace
#3 Timothy Turtle in the Case of Terrible Tuesdays
#4 Timothy Turtle in the Case of the Cruel Crocodiles
#5 Timothy Turtle in the Case of the Mysterious Marsh Monster
#6 Timothy Turtle in the Case of Danger on Lizard Head Ridge
#7 Have a Mystery Christmas with Timothy Turtle and the Christmas Tree Thieves
Price:$5.49 paperback with pictures (36 pages), $2.49 eBook w/o pictures 

Betty Bumble-Worm lives on the Aurora Forest floor with her friends Vanessa Butterfly, Robert Roach and Nate Nat. Together, they have many adventures. This book contains twenty stories. Each story delivers a valuable lesson that will open communication between parent and child. At the end of each story, there is a section that asks the child questions in relation to their own life and what Betty and her friends have experienced. These stories offer coping strategies intertwined with life lessons for young children. Betty deals with everything from feeling like an outsider to bullying on the playground. Your child will love Betty and her wonderful heart. Your child will learn and grow with Betty.
What you'll find in this collection: 
#1 Betty Bumble-Worm Makes A Friend
#2 Betty Bumble-Worm And The Secret Hideaway
#3 Betty Bumble-Worm And The Bully Spider
#4 Betty Bumble-Worm And The Sleepover
#5 Betty Bumble-Worm And The New Student
#6 Betty Bumble-Worm Goes Camping
#7 Betty Bumble-Worm Visits Grand-Bee Bernard
#8 Betty Bumble-Worm And The Boring Day
#9 Betty Bumble-Worm Gets A Boo-Boo
#10 Betty Bumble-Worm And The Garden Mystery
#11 Betty Bumble-Worm And Baby Sister Becky
#12 Betty Bumble-Worm On Summer Vacation
#13 Betty Bumble-Worm And The Wishing Well
#14 Betty Bumble-Worm And The Aurora Critter’s Club
#15 Betty Bumble-Worm And The Circus
#16 Betty Bumble-Worm And The Big Report
#17 Betty Bumble-Worm And The Winter Freeze
#18 Betty Bumble-Worm Competes In The Kart Race
#19 Betty Bumble-Worm And The Return Of Nate Nat
#20 Betty Bumble-Worm Goes On A Picnic
Price: $5.99 paperback with pictures (50 pages), 2.49 eBook w/o pictures

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New Paperback Releases!!!

Now all of your favorite eBooks are available on paperback. I have to tell you all that it is such as blessing to be able to offer my work in paperback format. Also I want to thank my followers and readers for all of their support. I have a few eBook releases that have been pushed back but I can promise you that I will try my best to keep on schedule. Below you will find the latest paperback releases, information about each book as well as the price.

Shurrell Winters is an R&B singer that has decided that she wants to give up the limelight to settle down and have a normal life. She heads to Centerville City, a place where her great grandfather has left her a house and a sizable amount of land. This is where she meets Jag St. Paul. He's a hard man with a good heart. When their paths cross, the sparks fly immediately. While Shurrell wants to leave her past behind, Jag is pulled back into his and reunited with a child that he thought wasn't his. When the dust settles, will their love be strong enough to survive? Price: $5.49

Layla Osunde lives in America with her father. She has been excepted into a prestigious university and comes home to find her father murdered.She manages to escape the killers but she ends up having a car accident. She steps out of her car and falls into the arms of an unknown man before she eventually faints. She awakes later in a strange apartment. She surveys the apartment and finds aspirin for her headache. She soon comes face to face with the owner of the apartment, which turns out to be a penthouse. Steven Haywood is a man that has his life together, but everything get turned upside down when he falls in love with a woman on the run. Price: $5.49

Take a trip around the world from Africa, the Amazon to America in this shifting 3-Story collection. Experience shifting men and women, fall in love as you watch the adventure unfold. In Curse of the Lion, Rudgar and Zhane fall in love quickly but both of them have a secret that threatens to destroy everything. In Purr of the Panther, Matheson and Ashley have a chance encounter in South American that develops into something more. Ashley wanders about the panther that protected her in the Amazon but only Matheson knows the truth. In Unleashing of the Leopard, Wendy falls for Con Gee Woo the moment she looks into his sad eyes. She wanders why anyone would volunteer to have unspeakable experiments performed on them. Can she bring him back to his senses and convince him that no matter what, life is worth living? Price: $6.99

 Erotica is a collection of five erotic stories, which include Explicit Desires, One For The Team, Hook, Line and Sink Her, Her Picasso and Bang Game. There's something for everyone here in this unique collection that is guaranteed to keep you up at night. Whether you're into threesomes, girls getting it on or guys playing hard, or backseat action, you'll definitely want to pick this one up. Enjoy! (All Character are 18 and Older.) Also includes the bonus erotic tale, O for Orgasm! Price: $5.99

Morgan Ross has finally began to reap the benefits of all her years of hard work.She's been hired at Grambling University as their new Art professor. Nothing could make her happier. She has the task of convincing her mother that taking this job is the right thing to do. While things seem to be falling into place, she has a chance encounter with Nick Brown, a man she had unintentionally hurt years ago. Seeing him again literally boils her blood. Nick Brown is a man who has been hurt by women one too many times. Seeing Morgan again opens wounds that he thought had healed. Something else awakens in Nick. Can he let go of the past in order to have a future? Will he take advantage of a second chance at love? Price: $6.49

Thrills, chills and tales of terror are wrapped into one bundle that any horror fanatic would love. Ghost stories, shadowy figures passing through walls, aberrations taking human form and things going bump in the night are all waiting here for you. This collection includes Latham's Lake, The Bluff Haunting, Ten Tantalizing Tales of Terror and Dark Forest: Beware of Night Fall. Cozy up under the covers and watch your wildest fears come to life. Tonight, its alright to sleep with the lights on! Enjoy! Price: $5.99

Colton walks away from his normal life of boating and carpentry when he learns that there is a creature dwelling in the woods around his small community. He soon becomes obsessed over finding and destroying this creature. He is later attacked by the beast and is nearly killed yet he refuses to stop searching for it. His quest leads him to Black Ridge, where he lets his beast run wild. His ambitions cause him to be attacked by vampires after killing two of their own. Colton lives through it all and plans to destroy all the creatures of the night but will his plan for revenge succeed? Join Colton as he battles against some of the most powerful and dangerous beings alive. The hunter becomes the hunted when Colton transforms into the most evil creature of them all. By daybreak, who will be left standing? Price: $6.49

Rod Hall is a man that keeps to himself. He doesn't socialize with town folk and he has never been one for gossip. He's never cared about the next man or woman for that matter. But when a gorgeous clerk and librarian takes up residence in Walton Creek, Rod realizes that he has definitely met his match. Can Rod convince Becky Stonewall to settle for his kind of love? Price: $5.49

This is the ultimate collection for lovers of African American romances. These men and women go through trials and tribulations as their love is constantly tested. This collection includes Two Week Gamble: Second Chance at Love, Sacred Love: Seeds of Passion, Bound to You, Promise Ring and My First Love. Whether you are young or older, this collection has something for everyone. Remember that love conquers all and the heart wants what it wants. There is no denying what you feel inside. Enjoy the Ultimate Collection of African American Romance. Price: $11.99

Santos Rodriquez has been working for Blaster Construction for as long as he can remember, but when he receives a letter informing him that his Work Visa will not be renewed, his world is turned upside down. He decides to enjoy the time he has left in America. Out of a hopeless situation can love be born? Vivian Houston has always been friendly with Santos Rodriquez. When she learns of his situation, she's willing to go the distance to save Santos. Her fiance Darnell has other things in mind. He's not about to lose his woman to a man she barely knows. Price: $5.40

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Free Read Alert!

Halloween is fast approaching and I'm feeling inspired. It's a time for chills and thrills as well as celebration in my home. My baby sister was born on Halloween. She has mixed emotions about it but I love it. It's all the more reason to get into the holiday. For that reason alone, I would like to present a free chapter of Dark Forest: Beware of Nightfall. Enjoy the read!

Dark Forest: Beware of Night Fall
By Veronica L. Anderson

Chapter One

“Artez, I don’t see why we have to go all the way to the woods to spend quality time together.” Nina said frustrated at the situation. She was not one to go roughing it for no good reason. “For the last time, we are not going to be in the woods. We’re going to be in a cabin.” Artez said as he turned onto Byvine Road, which would take them straight to his parent’s cabin. It had been a long time since he’d spent time at the cabin. He hoped that being there again wouldn’t dredge up memories of what he’d seen that night as a kid. He was older now and he knew that what he’d seen that night must have been a bad dream. No one else had seen a thing but on some level, he believed what he’d seen, still he knew it couldn’t be true, couldn’t have been real.
“Oh! This is your parent’s cabin? It’s nice.” Nina said as the cabin came into view. The cabin was more than what she’d expected. It was beautiful. It reminded Nina of something she’d seen in a movie. The cabin sat nestled among the trees, it was a two story structure, fashioned in deep wine-colored wood. Nina guessed that it was a sort of red wood. There was a porch with two rocking chairs and a small dining table that sat between. She imagined Artez’s parents sitting there watching the sun set. Would she and Artez do that same thing some day? She hopped out of the car. She could barely wait to see the interior of the cabin.
“Do you like it?” Artez asked as he unloaded their supplies. “I love it! Where are the keys?” Nina asked while heading towards the cabin door. Artez laughed as he stepped around her and pushed the door open. “It’s not locked. I came up yesterday to make sure everything was ready.” “Ready for what, Tez?” Nina asked as she stepped across the threshold. “For us baby.” Nina was in awe. The place was magnificent. The walls were shiny and covered with pictures of men and dogs in various hunting scenes. Flowers were everywhere. The furnishings were like nothing she had ever seen before. There was a large fireplace with wood stacked neatly inside. A beautiful rug covered the center of the floor. An antique looking coffee table sat atop of it. A smaller rug, matching the other, lay in front of the fireplace. For a brief moment, she pictured her and Artez lying there in front of a roaring fire. Above the fireplace were pictures of Artez and his family. Nina walked closer for an inspection of the pictures. One picture in particular caught her eye. Artez was sitting in a chair looking out the window at the forest. “What were you looking at?” Nina asked as Artez carried their groceries into the kitchen. “What are you talking about?” he called from the kitchen. Nina picked up the picture and carried it into the kitchen. “Here, in the picture, what were you looking at?” she asked again. Artez took the picture and looked at it for a moment. “Don’t remember. I was a kid. Who knows what I was looking at?” Artez said as he carried the picture back to the living room.
Nina watched him for a moment and let her attention turn to the kitchen. It was nice. There was a small fridge and a stove. The cabinets as well as the table and chairs looked as if they’d been handcrafted. “Tez, where did you all get this rustic looking furniture?” “We didn’t buy it, if that’s what you’re asking. My grandfather and great-uncle built this place. They made all the furniture too!” he explained as he wrapped her in a hug. “I thought I wouldn’t like it here baby, but it’s nice! Different! But still nice.” “Oh is that so! Just wait until you see the upstairs rooms!” Artez said as she led her back into the living room. “But first, let’s take a look around outside.” “Is there a place where we can swim?” Nina asked with a grin. “Sure! We can go there later. I want to show this trail that my family and I used to use a lot when I was a kid.” “Where is it?” “Not far baby! Remember that we came up here to enjoy ourselves and to spend time together. You know I’ll be leaving soon for college. Baby, we need this time together.” Artez smiled down at her. “I know you’re leaving. It’s all I ever think about. When you got that athletic scholarship, I was happy and sad at the same time. I thought I was going to lose you to some cheerleader type.” “You thought that? Nina, you know that there’s no one else for me. I love you baby. You’re my soul-mate. That’s what this weekend is about baby. I want us to strengthen our bond.” Artez explained as he knelt down and kissed her.

Price: $0.99
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Veronica Talks About Paperback Release of What Kind of Friend Are You?

Watch my video as I discuss a bit about my paperback release and the release of future books in paperback. As always, if you have questions, comments or ideas, please leave a message below!!!

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Free Read! Coming Soon to Paperback. (First Chapter of The Two Week Gamble, Absolutely Free)

I was asked about one of my favorite books a while back and the first one to come to mind was *The Two Week Gamble: A Second Chance At Love. If you're still on the fence about investing in a copy whether in electronic or paperback format, right now you can read the first chapter absolutely free!

Morgan Ross has finally began to reap the benefits of all her years of hard work.She's been hired at Grambling University as their new Art professor. Nothing could make her happier. She has the task of convincing her mother that taking this job is the right thing to do. While things seem to be falling into place, she has a chance encounter with Nick Brown, a man she had unintentionally hurt years ago. Seeing him again literally boils her blood. Nick Brown is a man who has been hurt by women one too many times. Seeing Morgan again opens wounds that he thought had healed. Something else awakens in Nick. Can he let go of the past in order to have a future? Will he take advantage of a second chance at love?
Price: $0.99 (eBook) Paperback Price: (TBA)
Available on Kindle, Nook, Itunes/IBooks and many other formats! Happy Reading!!!

The Two Week Gamble:
A Second Chance At Love

Chapter One

Morgan Ross was more than ecstatic when she opened her Welcome Letter. It had been sent to let her know that she’d got the position that she’d applied for. After Morgan had graduated from graduate school, she’d taken a small position at the local school. It had been nice but Morgan wanted to do more with her life. She’d decided to apply for an open position at Grambling State University over three months ago. The letter had welcomed her to campus and stated that she would be an asset to the faculty and the overall student body. Morgan’s dreams were finally coming true. She had worked hard and felt that she deserved the title of Professor of Art History at the well known university. She would finally be out of Mississippi. Out of this god-forsaken small town called Tchula. During her attendance at Mississippi Valley State University, she’d been ashamed to even utter the name of her home town. When she did become brave enough, people ultimately looked at her like she was some sort of country-illiterate. Yes, she’d paid her dues in full. She’d put everything she’d had into school. She was living proof that hard work and perseverance really paid off. She was finally moving up in the world.
Jordan could hardly believe what her sister was saying. She had the job. Morgan was going to be working at Grambling. All she could think of was their amazing football team. During the last season, she’d gone to all of their games. Their star player was a nice piece of eye candy. She decided to keep that little tidbit to herself. “I leave in two weeks. I can barely wait. They’ve already sent me a list of the courses I’ll be teaching this semester. Can you believe it?” Morgan raved. “Sis, I’m proud of you. You said you’d do it. And you did. Have you told Mom yet?” Jordan asked. With that question alone, Morgan’s excitement tampered down a bit. Both of them exchanged familiar glances. Morgan’s chess nut into Jordan’s warm honey eyes. They knew that their mother would have an absolute fit. Still she’d be happy for Morgan and a bit furious as well.
“Mom, I’m not trying to hurt you. I applied for the job a while back. Honestly, I’d almost given up. I got this letter today and now I’m suddenly hired. I really want this.” Morgan explained. She’d wanted Jordan to come along to their mother’s house with her, but Jordan had claimed that she couldn’t close the animal clinic early. Sure… yeah right. She’d thought, when Jordan started making excuses, she really poured them on thick. Morgan needed her big sister’s support. Jordan apparently thought that she could handle Lauren Ross-Weathers on her own. “Why did you apply for a job that was going to take you so far away from home?” Lauren asked. “Mom, you know I have worked so hard. I even skipped partying with my friends to get the grades that I got. I’m ashamed to say that the whole time I was in college, I didn’t even take the time to seriously date. When I was working on my masters… dating was definitely out of the question. Mom, don’t act like this. Just please be happy for me.” Morgan pleaded. “I am happy. I just wish you’d applied for a job at Valley. You loved the campus, didn’t you? I mean I never heard you complain about it.” Lauren conceded. “Yes, I loved it. I loved the freedom I had there.” Before Morgan had finished the sentence, she already regretted the way that it had come out. “What do you mean by that? You had your freedom here. Are you saying that I smothered you girls? I did the best I could. I was a single mother, working and taking care of two kids on my own. You father decided late in the game that he didn’t want a family. He divorced me and moved on.” Lauren exploded. This was not what she called handling the situation. Why hadn’t Jordan come along? She looked across that table at her mother. She sat there with her eyes averted. She still looked young and very beautiful. The sunlight pierced in through the kitchen blinds and played a beautiful lightshow over her cold black hair and fair skin. Her eyes, however averted, were a beautiful brown with a hint of hazel. Yes, their mother was a force to be reckoned with.
Before Morgan could think of something to sway her mother, her step-father, Sam Weathers, walked in from the garage. “How are my girls?” Lauren faced her husband and said sadly, “Morgan headed to Louisiana. She has taken a job at Grambling. Talk to her Sam.” “Dad… it’s not like that. Mom seems to think that I’m doing this to hurt her.” Morgan explained. Sam took a long look at Morgan. She started to feel like he was going to tell her that she was crazy for wanting to work and live so far away. Sam was a hard man but he was also reasonable. “Congratulations Morgan. I couldn’t be more proud if you were my own flesh and blood.” Sam smiled. Lauren gave him a look that could slice a brick wall in two.
“Don’t mind your mother. She’s a bit upset with your sister Bree. She’s at it again.” Sam explained. Lauren’s eyes lost their heated gleam and softened. “What do you mean? What’s up with Bree?” Morgan asked. Sam’s tall figure slumped over the kitchen counter. Lauren took the reign. “She’s hanging out with that same old crowd. She stays out all times of night. We can’t seem to get through to her.” Morgan had to admit, no one could tell Bree what to do and not to do. She was her on cheering section. She marched to a different drum. She had a beat of her own. She was a huge contrast to Morgan and their big sister Jordan. Bree was over six feet tall where the other two were five six and five eight. She’d taken her father, Sam’s height. Her skin was dark ebony like Sam’s. Morgan and Jordan were a rich caramel in color, a mix of both their mother and father, Fred Ross' skin color.
Everyone knew that Bree thought that she was a bad girl. Beneath that whole bad-girl persona was a girl who really wanted to be accepted and had dreams of being a model some day. She was acting out again. No doubt, in Morgan’s mind, that it was yet another ploy for attention. That was usually the case when it came to Bree. “What does she want this time?” Morgan asked dully. She was so tired of her baby sister’s games. Lauren said nothing, while Sam smiled a bit. “She wants a car.” Morgan had to struggle to keep from laughing. Bree was only fifteen. Morgan and Jordan had only received their first cars when they’d each turned eighteen. For Morgan, that had been some eight years ago. That was an exciting time. Back to the present. “Listen Mom, Dad. I have to go. I’ll stop by later this week. Ask Bree to give me a call.” Morgan explained as she rose from the table and walked towards the front door. She closed the door barely hearing her parents telling her that they loved her.
Morgan pulled away from her parent's home. A place that she, her mother and Jordan had moved to after Lauren had married Sam. Bree came into the picture later. Boy was she a surprise. Even at this age, she was still causing uproar. Morgan drove out of the middle class neighborhood. She glanced at the houses as she passed. She would miss all this… seeing her parents… dealing with Bree and her small circle of friends. Just because she was leaving, that didn’t mean she would never see them again. As she crossed the bridge that would eventually lead to her apartment across town, there he stood. Could it really be him? Was Nick Brown really standing there? Morgan almost missed her turn looking at him. She had to be sure. She decided to circle back around the old city hall.
Her breathing came fast. If it was him, what would she do? What could she do? She was the one who’d walked away from him over eight years ago. During their courtship, she’d never allowed him to kiss or even hug her. She had been going through a stage. At least that’s what she’d called it. Sure they’d been intimate, but it had been like two strangers instead of two people who had supposedly cared for each other. She’d left without even saying goodbye. It was just as well. She hadn’t had a good role model when it came to men. She figured he would leave when he got what he’d wanted. Instead she left before he could break her heart. She and Jordan had been young when their father had left but they never forgot how their mother cried for months over the man.
Nick stood there wondering if his eyes were playing tricks on him. If they weren’t, he could have sworn the woman who’d passed him in that purple Pontiac, was Morgan Ross. Was it really her? He’d heard all about her success. She was good at everything this side of the Mississippi. Everyone bragged about her but only he knew the woman she really was inside. She’d left him without a goodbye. She was one cold…. No, he couldn’t let himself get that type of attitude. After all, that was the type of brutal honesty that led Tonya to leave him. Now he was home to make a fresh start. There was no way he was going to dredge up old memories. Old memories and too much heart ache; that’s what came to mind when he thought of Morgan. Still in the back of his mind, the question rang… was that her?
Morgan rounded the curve. She set her sights on where she’d seen him. Yes it was him. He stood there deep in conversation with his aunt, Helen. His bright smile and huge dimples still dominated his face. She tried to look away but it was no use, he’d seen her. She watched his face as a cycle of emotions played out. Hurt, anger and that last one, she couldn’t decipher. She felt something stir in the pit of her belly. What was it? Did she still want him? Sure, he was still as sexy as an underwear model, standing six feet and three inches. He had looks, a great body and brains. But the last she’d heard was he’d moved to the Midwest and married a nice girl. She remembered how old feelings had stirred upon her mother giving her the news of Nick’s marriage. She’d been in college completing her junior year. No one knew that she’d demolished a whole bucket of chunky monkey to take the edge off of leaving him in Tchula. She’d missed him every day since she’d left.
Nick could barely hear what his aunt had said. His heart had stopped when he’d seen her drive by slowly. She was still as beautiful as she’d been before. He’d let that same beauty make a fool of him. He’d waited two years to see if she’d come back. Two of the longest years of his life spent waiting. She never came… never sent word by her mother… never cared. She’d hurt him. She’d walked away with his heart and yet seeing her again seemed to stir something inside him. Even Tonya hadn’t touched this part of him. The day Tonya said she was leaving, he thought it was just as well. Women were all the same. They all left with a piece of your heart. His heart was just fine the way that it was. He wasn’t interested in picking up the pieces anymore. He wasn’t going to think about Morgan or Tonya. Each of them had burned him in different ways. He’d given up. He just didn’t know women. He couldn’t tell the good from the bad. No for Nick, they were definitely all the same.
Morgan had never felt so glad to see Telfair before. She’d barely made it home in one piece. After seeing Nick, it was like her nerves and senses where playing a tune she wasn’t quite sure she’d heard before. She had to get back on track. She looked around at the apartment buildings that lined each side of the area. Children played everywhere. It was an okay place to live. The rent was nice and the air-conditioning never acted up. Still she was glad that she’d be leaving soon. She made a mental note to talk to the apartment manager. He wouldn’t like what she was going to tell him but he’d just have to deal with it. It had been a nice run but Morgan was tired of this town. It wasn’t like she hadn’t been out of the town or even the state before. She just wanted a change of scenery. Sometimes small town life was just too much. Everyone knew everyone and their business. On the Valley campus she could keep more secrets than she could in this town.
Nick dropped his aunt at her home. She’d been upset after his obvious separation from reality. He found himself wondering about what could have been. Back then, it was clear that Morgan had issues but he’d felt drawn to her. He saw through her icy exterior. He’d thought that maybe she would let him inside someday. Too bad that day had never come. She’d run off to school… never to be seen again. That was until today. She’d been beautiful. He knew that he hadn’t imagined what he’d seen in her eyes. Was she feeling what he was feeling? Was she longing to try again? He thought for a moment longer and decided that it would be foolish to let her under his skin again. He’d loved her back then and she’d high-tailed it out of town and out of his life and hadn’t dared to look back. Damn.
Morgan awoke in a cold sweat. She’d been running but couldn’t remember from what. She looked at her bedside clock. It read 3:00 am. What was going on with her? Ever since she’d seen Nick, it was like things started spinning out of control. She started wishing for things that she knew she could never have. The reasonable part of her knew that she could never have Nick again. Simply stated, she’d hurt him too badly. The optimistic side of her was saying that it’s not too late. She fell back on her pillow and thought that it was way too early in the morning to try to make a decision like that. She tried to go back to sleep but there was no use.
She went into her office, the smallest bedroom in her two bedroom apartment. She looked around as if just seeing it for what it was. All her awards and certificates were bunched up on a wall that was barely big enough to hold a window. Her desk was too large for the room. She realized that she’d settled instead of fought for the things that really mattered in life. Of course she’d studied, dotted every ‘I’ and crossed every ‘T’ but was she really happy? She knew that she couldn’t be alone forever. She sat at her desk and crossed her arms over chest. Damn that Nick Brown. He was the reason for her restless night. She had to do something. But what? It was obvious that she had some unresolved issues when it came to him. A light clicked on in her head.
Morgan knew that it was crazy but she had to do it. She was leaving Mississippi in two weeks. She made up her mind; she was going to sleep with Nick one last time to get him out of her system. This time around, she’d show him that she wasn’t an ice princess. She’d let him hold her, let him kiss her and enjoy what she had to offer. After all, it was only fair. She’d hurt him. It was obvious that she harbored some guilt over what she’d done. She would cleanse her soul by giving him a real romantic, heart stopping night with her. This time, she would say goodbye before she left. She’d make sure that everything was all squared away before she left for her perfect job in Louisiana. Yes… it was the least she could. She held back a yarn… a sign, she thought…. It’s the right thing to do. With that, Morgan headed back to bed and slept until morning.
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