Saturday, August 29, 2015

Summer Reading! Summers Not Over Just Yet!!!!

Summer will end in just a few short weeks but that doesn't that you have to say goodbye to all the warmth the season brings. Here are two books that will keep Summer in your bones all Winter long!!!!
Erotica:The Collection and Erotica: Boiling Point

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Coming Soon!!!! New Ebook and Paperback Release

Jason Mathews is in the middle of divorce from a wife that cheated with his best friend a whole year. It's been nearly three years since the death of his young son, Jackson but he still can't seem to cope.  Destiny Hartman left Boston like the devil himself was on her heels. As far as she's concerned, she never wants to see or think about that place ever again. She's moved to Seattle for a new job and a beautiful new home with only one tiny kink in her perfect new life... her new icy blue-eyed boss is her next door neighbor. She has no idea that the man has seen her naked and has plans to make her his. What happens when these two broken hearts cross! What else!!!  As the summer heat's up, you'll find it's just as steamy between the sheets! Coming Soon to Ebook and paperback, Veronica Anderson-Stamps' With My Own Eyes!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Guess Who's Engaged!

I know my personality better than most but when I was asked the big question... well I turned into that little girl that had so many big dreams about how her wedding would be. Darius and I have been together for a while. We have had more than our share of ups and downs, needless to say the majority have been because of me or a particular way I have behaved in the past. So here I am.... 35 years old and finally getting ready to take the plunge. I feel like I'm in my early twenties and starting college... those were the days!!!! I don't know what lies ahead but I have made a promise to myself to be a better person. I know that in marriage, there is no "I", "You" or "Me". There is only "Us" or "We". I won't go into the statistics on marriage and divorce. I refuse to go into this thing and thinking about how it will end. Perhaps it will be a forever type thing. I'm sure that my parents thought and felt the same things that Darius and I are feeling. Sadly though, they got divorced my sophomore year in college. Still, I won't let my faith be shaken. I'm marrying a loving, kind and understanding man. He's the type of man that a woman like me needs. I'm always busy... always on the go but I have to agree that the thought of having someone to come home to really excites me. More than anything, I want kids. Please God give me a set of healthy twins! Please forgive me if every now and then, I write something mushy, cute, wild or unnerving. I've never been into wearing my heart or feelings on my sleeve but the prospect of a happily ever after will change even the most independent woman. I've decided to dash aside my pride and become that blushing bride.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Ollie's Holiday Havoc (eBook)

The holidays are in full swing! Why not get some great reading in between all that shopping and eating! Check out Ollie in his holiday adventure!

Ollie Jones is a sixth grader that's looking forward to the holidays but there is one person standing in his way, Jonathan Coats. He's a bully that has set his eyes on Ollie and his best friend Eddie. Jonathan wants Ollie and Eddie to ruin the school's holiday decorations. Neither of the boys wants to do it. Ollie decides to turn the tables on a kid that he used to call a friend. Join Ollie as he handles this holiday havoc! Merry Christmas!
Price: 1.49

Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Era of the Gentleman (Part Two)

One can not choose a time or a place where a man makes the conscious decision to stop taking a woman's feelings and/or safety into consideration. I think that it starts with the way that the said man was raised. What kind of life did he lead? How did his parents treat him? How did his father treat his mother? How did his mother treat him? How did she conduct herself? There are so many things to take into consideration when trying to solve something so mysterious. Ultimately, I believe that it goes back to the way his father treated his mother and sisters. Typically, if a child witnesses the correct way to love, respect and cherish his mother and sisters, he will generally carry that knowledge on into adulthood. The opposite is also true. If a child, be it male or female, caries childhood experiences into adulthood.
*Johnny was three years old when he started to notice his mother crying after being locked away in the room with his father. This was something that he didn't understand but it made him sad whenever he saw his mother in tears. As the years went on, Johnny noticed that that his mother was crying more, his parents were no longer arguing in hushed tones. Johnny could hear them arguing about everything such as money, paying bills and accusations from his mother that his father was cheating. When Johnny was fifteen, he witnessed his father hit his mother and knock her to the floor. His father left his mother lying there, grabbed his car keys and left the house. Johnny helped his mother to her feet. He grabbed tissue from the bathroom to dry her eyes. Several times after that incident, Johnny asked his mother why she let his dad treat her that way. She'd told him that his father was going through something but he loved both of them very much. Johnny didn't know how mistreating a person could mean love. Over the next few years, Johnny witnesses more and more violent incidents. He tried stepping in several times, but each time, his mother and father ended up upset with him. His father would threatened to hit him. His mother would jump in the way and beg and plead with the man to not touch their baby. Johnny couldn't believe what was playing out before his eyes. Later, his mother would yell at him about provoking his father and claimed that Johnny was only causing more stress for his father. Johnny could understand why she was making up excuses for the beatings that she received from his father. After this, Johnny could barely look at his mother. He wandered why she would put aside her self respect and simply allow his father, a man he had no more love for, treat her like trash. Why she had allowed herself to become a punching bag was beyond Johnny. He wished that his parents would just sit down and talk about their problems instead of fighting all the time. When Johnny turned eighteen, he moved out of his parent's home. Two years later, he was in college and having problems with his girlfriend. They were sitting in his car and he found himself so angry at her words that he hit her. The both of them were shocked at his actions. His girlfriend left him after that. She'd said that she refused to be with a man that handled his problems with a fist. Johnny had two options: get help for his anger issues or continue down the same destructive path like his father before him. Johnny watched her wipe away her tears as she walked back to her dorm. He thought about his mother and how she had taken beatings from his father for more years than he cared to remember. Sure, Rachel had been good to him but at the end of the day, in his mind, b!t%*$ came a dime a dozen. If she couldn't handle the man that he was, then f%^k her.
I'm not saying that Johnny's experiences are typical. It's only an example. But if a child grows up in violence than he has only two choices. He could become a product of that violence or rise above it all. In the beginning, Johnny was confused about the relationship between his parents, after that, he wanted to protect his mother from the violence. In the end, because his mother let her child witness her constant sacrifice of her self-worth, her son went on to think of women as nothing more than a ship passing in the night, as they come and go.
Follow The Era of the Gentleman for new insights on the men of today. Questions? Comments? Leave them below. If you have issues or are facing violence in your life, reach out to family and friends. Get help. There is no better time than today.
*Johnny is a fictional character and his life experiences are also fictional.

Friday, October 24, 2014

The Era of the Gentleman has Ended (Part One)

The Era of the Gentleman has officially ended and chivalry is dead. The men in today's society no longer value women as their predecessors did. It's a strange and hurtful thing to say but it's true. Here is a prime example: The Elusive Dating Site. A man generally joins a dating site for "friendship then maybe more". Women are more upfront about their reasons for joining the site and what they want. They take their time filling out the profile information and even completing the compatibility questions. I'm not saying that there aren't men that are just as meticulous but they aren't usually on dating sites. When the man and the woman come across each other's profile and decide to chat, they eventually exchange phone numbers. They may talk and text for a week or two then decide that they want to meet. Out of nowhere, the man will suggests that the woman should come to him. This is interesting because usually, during "courtship" a man is courting a woman, comes to her home and meets her relatives then awaits approval from the family. I understand that times have changed but men have made a complete 360. Back to the example... the woman asks the man why he can't come to her and he gives her a long list of excuses. The woman then decides that he's not someone that she wants in her life. She heads back to the site only to experience the same situation over and over again. She comes across one man that is willing to come to her or at least meet her, but he confronts her, asking if they have dinner and see a movie, if he has to pay for everything. The woman is shocked and decides to leave this particular dating site. After joining another dating site, she finds that the men there are no different. She decides that online dating isn't for her.
Example Two: The same woman decides to frequent places that she knows that single men frequent (grocery stories, laundromats, libraries, sporting events and parties). She meets a man at the laundromat and they hit it off. After a few weeks, things are going well. Suddenly, the man starts asking her for money, gifts and help on his bills. She decides to help him because thinks that this is only a one-time thing. Before she knows it, he's given up him home and moved in with her. She's essentially working to take care of him. How could men have changed so much in such a short period of time? What would cause a man to give up his manhood and let a woman take the reigns? There are so many questions... follow my new series, The Era of the Gentleman, for answers!
Do you have questions that you would like to have answered as this new blog series continues? Leave your questions, comment and ideas below. Thanks
for reading and please follow the series for new insights on the men of today and how women can stop suffering from horrible relationships and find happiness again!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Spanish Releases!!!!! (Estrenos españoles!!!!!)

For those of you whom are familiar with my writing, from time to time, I will release Spanish versions of some my best selling English-language e-books! I have decided to release Erotica: The Collection and Erotica: Boiling Point for my Spanish-Speaking readers.

Para aquellos de ustedes quienes están familiarizados con mi forma de escribir , de vez en cuando , voy a lanzar versiones en español de algunos de mis mejores ventas de Inglés - idioma e-books ! He decidido liberar Erotica : La Colección y Erotica : Punto de ebullición para mis lectores de habla hispana .

Erotica es una colección de cinco relatos eróticos, que incluyen los deseos explícitos, uno para el equipo, Hook, Line y hundirlo, Su Picasso y Bang Game. Hay algo para todos aquí en esta colección única que está garantizado para mantenerte despierto durante la noche. Si usted está en tríos, niñas conseguirlo encendido o chicos jugando duro, o acción asiento trasero, que sin duda querrá recoger esto un arriba. Disfrute! (Todos los caracteres son mayores de 18 años.) Versión actualizada incluye bono cuento erótico, O para el orgasmo!

Compra este libro
Precio: $ 3.99

Kate está cerrando las puertas de su restaurante una vez popular. un lugar donde Leo vino a comer y amarla desde lejos. Cuando se entera de que ella puede estar dejando para siempre, de repente empujó a revelar sus verdaderos sentimientos. El jefe de William Chad, sabe que el hombre tiene sentimientos por él, pero él tiene que encontrar la manera correcta de conseguir que admitirlo. Una noche en la oficina tiene William deseo de más de lo que jamás ha tenido el descaro de pedir. Crystal solía disfrutar de venir a Datos de pelo del salón, que era hasta que el nuevo propietario, Alegría, comenzó su empuje hasta el final de la línea. Crystal se queda dormido en su silla en el salón y se despierta para encontrar la alegría le ha colocado en una situación delicada. Sarah cree que el nuevo maestro de su hijo, Eduardo Casco, ha salido de su manera de hacer que su hijo miserable. Cuando se envía una carta a casa solicitando una conferencia, Sarah salta a la oportunidad de poner al hombre en su lugar. ¿Quién dice que una noche tiene que ser el fin? Este es el erotismo con un corazón. (Todos los personajes son mayores de 18 años.)

Compra este libro
Precio: $ 3.99

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